Finland, August 2002. Pictures from EDXC conference.     

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St.Petersburg, meeting with DXers there. Alexander Beryozkin, me, Alexey Osipov, Alexey Stepanov.

Standing near the central railway station in Helsinki.

Standing near Mannerheim statue in Helsinki.

A monument to some workers (as I guess) in Helsinki.

Studios of YLE Radio Finland. Heidi Zidan, editor of Russian broadcasts, and me.

Welcome speech by a representative of the city of Pori.

Yyterin kylpylähotelli, the conference venue. Inside view of the double room in which we stayed.

That's an outside view of the hotel.

Alexander Beryozkin and me inside the Punainen tupa (Red House), where the listening shack was deployed.

Series of pics made at the evening eating/drinking/talking event. Alexander Beryozkin, Frans Vossen (Radio Vlaanderen Int.) and me.

Alexander Beryozkin, Maria Gössarova (Radio Prague), Waldemar Krämer (DW), Tibor Szilagyi (Hungarian man from Sweden), Tina Krasnopolskaja (DW), Finnish DXer Jarmo Salmi.

Arto Mujunen (IBB Helsinki bureau), Vesa-Jussi Rinkinen (member of the equipment testing team), Frans Vossen and Tina Krasnopolskaja.

Risto Vähäkainu (lead of organizing committee), me and Frans Vossen.

Me and Henri Ekman (Finland) at the entrance to Pori transmitting center.

Mauno Ritola at the unofficial meeting with Russian DXers.

Inside the Pori transmitting station. World map indicating current beams of operation.

Transmitter's control panel.

Me and Mika Mäkeläinen, creator of the famous www.dxing.info site.

DX lottery. Tina Krasnopolskaja makes choices, Arto Mujunen invites lucky winners to take their prizes.

Ditto. New image of Tina Krasnopolskaja she won a few prizes herself!

Helsinki, Suomenlinna fortress. We had some beer in a cafe Viaporin kahvihuone, and were quite surprised to see a historical receiver TEFAG on a shelf.

In Lappeenranta, visiting Ari Riikonen, friend of Alexander. Listening session on Ari's Yaesu FT-1000MP.

Lappeenranta, getting off the InterCity train. Last stop in Finland.

The very last day in St.Petersburg. Alexander Beryozkin wishes me a nice way home.

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