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DX pages and DX press in Russia / former USSR
DX pages and DX press outside Russia/CIS

...DX pages and DX press in Russia / former USSR...

Special Radio Systems and co-located Radioscanner Forum
Info treasure (in Russian). Radio communications, schematic design, monitoring (incl. DX listening).

Novosibirsk DX Site
Creation of Igor Yaremenko, Novosibirsk. Contains the joint sked of Russian-speaking stations, database of reliable QSL Addresses, Novosibirsk radio and TV catalog...

Russian DX League
Site of Anatoly Klepov, Moscow, with electronic version of his RUS-DX bulletin.

The World Of Radio
Web portal of Boris Skurativsky. Various data and facts about broadcasting in Ukraine.

Site of Ivan Lebedevksiy. Author's logs, info about radio and TV in Leningrad oblast of Russia, other DX info.

Radio Wave Radio Travellers' Club
Mainly for radio hams rather than broadcast band DXers; but anyway, our common desire is to drive to the countryside, fiels or some other utmost point in order to enjoy the noise-free radio air.

Radiostantsiya Tikhiy Okean
A memorial page devoted to a legendary station that has (forever?) left the air in 2008. Page created by Roman Nazarov, Primorskiy kray, Russia.

DXing in Central Asia
Dmitry Puzanov's blog. DX station logs made in various cities of Kazakhstan and abroad, as well as QSL scans.

Portal on countries and peoples of the world   NEW!!!
A huge collection of articles on history, contemporary life and radio broadcasting of various countries. Unfortunately only in Russian, but, on the other hand, contains an embedded Google translation engine.

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...DX pages and DX press outside Russia/CIS...

Shortwave Listener NL 13562
Run by Ruud Vos, a Dutch radioamateur. There are Ruud's shack, QSLs and lots of audio clips (including FM reception, CW amateur communications and beacons).

SWLDXBulgaria blog
Run by a Bulgarian DXer Georgi Bancov. There are international radio news, QSL and address info, bandplans and schedules there. THe YouTube link opens a channel with lots of reception video recordings.

A well-known portal and international mailinglist. Site contains postings' archives, hot DX info, partners' channels. You may subscribe to the list here.

European MW Guide
Belgian DXer Herman Boel presents his comprehensive list of LW/MW stations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Ydun's Mediumwave Info
Medium wave news from all over the world, collected by Danish DXer Ydun Ritz.

PAL handbook on Radio Heritage Foundation pages
Pacific-Asian Log. Was considered as analog of EMWG, featuring Asia, Australia and Oceania, but now, after addition of SW, became even wider. Bruce Portzer is the Editor in Chief of this guide.

By Finnish DXer Mika Mäkeläinen. Radio news, reports from conferences and DXpeditions.

Italian site, first of all famous for the collection of stations' schedules for the current broadcasting season.

Shortwave Log
Resource devoted to a comprehensive logging and radio control program. It is free! SWLog is developed by Bob Sillett, USA...

Glenn Hauser's World of Radio
Lots of radio/DX information from Glenn Hauser, USA. Includes his famous DX Listening Digest.

Nagoya DXers' Circle
Pages of DXers' club from Nagoya, Japan. Well-known for its regularly updated frequency schedules of China National Radio.

Monitoring Times
Monitoring Times has ceased publication; however, the site still hosts sone useful resources and blog links.

The Shortwave Radio Audio Archive
A growing collection that includes both historic recordings and current recordings from the shortwave radio spectrum.

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New Zealand Radio DX League, New Zealand

Asociacion DX Barcelona, Spain

Asociacion Española de Radioescucha, Spain

Asociazione Italiana Radioascolto, Italy

Czechoslovak DX Club, Czech Rep./Slovakia

Danish Shortwave Club International, Denmark

Finnish DX Association, Finland

Rhein-Main-Radio-Club, Germany

Worldwide DX Club, Germany

Bluegrass DaVinci Fellowship, USA (a group of shortwave enthusiasts who meet regularly to pursue interests in radio, computers, electronics, astronomy and nature)

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World Radio TV Handbook
WRTH is a well-known and popular handbbok. Generally, only winter station schedules are there in printed version; and you can find free summer set of schedules on the web site.

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Lots of resource links, mainly for radio amateurs, but also contains BCL_Resources section, intended for DXers.

Selective shortwave link database, maintained by Willi Passmann, Germany.

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