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QSL is the verification of reception of the particular station's signal. Verifications greatly vary in style: some stations issue them on the standard sheet of paper, while others have special QSL cards for this purpose. QSL cards are often very nice, and can be demonstrated to other people in order to popularize our hobby.

There are QSLs from more than 120 countries in my collection. Naturally, I'm not able to show them all, therefore I selected only the most interesting ones for this album. I invite you to make a virtual journey over the whole world, looking at them. Each page of the QSL album contains images of 4 cards.

Sad to say, many of the stations presented on these pages have abandoned short- and/or mediumwave. Some of them migrated to the Internet in favor of online broadcasting, while others completely left the stage. So my collection may be also classified as a set of pictures from the radio history.

Voice of Greece, 1997 Südwestrundfunk, Germany, 2000 RTBF International, Belgium, 1999 ABC Alice Springs, Australia, 1999

Greece, Germany, Belgium, Australia

Radio Canada International, 1998 Radio Lebanon, 1981 Caracol Colombia, 1998 Latvian Radio, 1994

Canada, Lebanon, Colombia, Latvia

Radio Slovakia International, 1993 HCJB, Ecuador, 1998 Voice of the Mediterranean, Malta, 1999 Radio Beograd 1, Yugoslavia, 1986

Slovakia, Ecuador, Malta, Yugoslavia

Radio Vilnius, Lithuania, 1994 Radio Prague, Czech Republic, 1999 Voice of Indonesia, 1995 KNLS, Alaska, 1999

Lithuania, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Alaska

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KWHR, Hawaii, 1999 Radio New Zealand International, New Zealand, 1995 LN2A, Norway, 1997 Madrid Radio/EAD3, Spain, 1998

Hawaii, New Zealand, Norway, Spain

Ecos del Torbes, Venezuela, 1994 AWR PanAmerica, Costa Rica, 1998 Playa Ancha Radio/CBV, Chile, 1997 Radio Telefis Eireann, Ireland, 1999

Venezuela, Costa Rica, Chile, Ireland

Rikisutvarpid, Iceland, 1996 Deutsche Welle, Germany, 1997 Radio Sweden, 1993 Radio Korea, 1993

Iceland, Germany, Sweden, Korea

Radio Singapore International, 1999 Radio Sana'a, Yemen, 1999 TERACOM, Sweden, 2000 Cyprus Broadcasting Corp., 1993

Singapore, Yemen, Sweden, Cyprus

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Radio Cancao Nova, Brazil, 1996 WEWN, USA, 1995 Galei Zahal, Israel, 1995 JNA, Japan, 1996

Brazil, USA, Israel, Japan

Radio Finland, 1998 Radio Norway International, 1997 Radio Tanzania, 1999 FEBA, Seychelles, 1994

Finland, Norway, Tanzania, Seychelles

BBC, the UK, 1998 Radio Norway International, Norway, 1993 Südwestfunk, Germany, 1995 Channel Africa, South Africa, 1995

UK, Norway, Germany, South Africa

KFBS, Saipan (North Marianas), 1995 Radio Netherlands, 1991 Trans World Radio, Swaziland, 1994 Radio Varna, Bulgaria, 1995

North Marianas, Netherlands, Swaziland, Bulgaria

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Radio Togo, 1996 Radio Mali, 1996 Turkish Police Radio, Turkey, 1994 Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, 1994

Togo, Mali, Turkey, Ghana

Radio Algiers, 1993 Radio Thailand, 1994 Radio Japan, year unknown Radio Japan, 1999

Algeria, Thailand, Japan (twice)

FEBC, Philippines, 1998 RAI, Italy, 1990 Bangladesh Betar, Bangladesh, 2000 Voice of Turkey, 2000

Philippines, Italy, Bangladesh, Turkey

Sauti Ya Tanzania Zanzibar, Tanzania, 2001 Süddeutscher Rundfunk, Germany, 1996 Radio Veritas Asia, Philippines, 1992 Radio Australia, 2000

Tanzania, Germany, Philippines, Australia

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