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Radio Canada International, 1998

This card was issued in 1998, in celebration of 125th anniversary of Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Two policemen are in guard on the QSL face.

Radio Lebanon, 1981

Radio Lebanon has left shortwave bands long ago. Moreover, after withdrawal of King of Hope / Wings of Hope facilities from South Lebanon, that country has become a real air rarity. The only chance is to try their domestic service deep at night. The card shown here is old, I've got it more than 25 years ago for reception of Arabic service on 9545 kHz.

Caracol Colombia, 1998

Caracol stands for CAdena RAdial COLombiana i.e. Colombian Radio Network. In the late 90s was heard with a good signal mornings on 5075 kHz. SW transmitter is off the air now.

Latvian Radio, 1994

Not heard on shortwave nowadays. There's a Baltic region map on the front side, with indication of capitals and state emblems.

Despite its small size, a peace of Germany was honored by a state emblem inclusion, too. A huge grey state to the east of Latvia has got less luck the map doesn't even show its name...

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