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Radio Vilnius, Lithuania, 1994

Simple and nice. This QSL verifies my report to the 666 kHz transmission. The 1st domestic program is still heard on that frequency.

Radio Prague, Czech Republic, 1999

A historic radio set, called Schaub Super 229, is shown on this card.

Voice of Indonesia, 1995

Jalan Thamrin, one of the main streets in the capital city of Jakarta.

KNLS, Alaska, 1999

KNLS is a religious station located in Alaska. In the beginning of each season (i.e. in March and October) it issues a series of special QSLs for confirmation of 200 reports from its listeners. Listeners who missed the vanguard can only get standard QSLs, which show a map of KNLS broadcast coverage.

My QSL, featuring totems of Alaska, carries number 138. I sent a report on KNLS transmission in January 1999. You see, more than two months had passed since the winter season start, but the stock of 200 special cards was not exhausted yet.

By the way, KNLS Web site is worth visit. You may find a lot of free offers there: books, cassettes, and other stuff.

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