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KWHR, Hawaii, 1999

One of three shortwave outlets of religious organization entitled World Harvest Radio. Two others (WHRI and WHRA) are located in mainland US, and this one transmits from Hawaii.

Radio New Zealand International, New Zealand, 1995

I presume it's the most distant country of the Globe. Its broadcasting is intended to Pacific area. New Zealanders use very effective directional aerials, therefore RNZI signal is very often strong in Europe.

LN2A Beacon, Norway, 1997

It's one of the two beacons established by International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for their HF field measurement program. It has 1 kW power, and uses five channels between 5470 and 20945 kHz. The beacon stays four minutes on each of them, then switches to the next one. Transmitting equipment is located at Sveio, next to the former Radio Norway International base (you can guess the masts in the background).

Madrid Radio/EAD3, Spain, 1998

The rule of thumb: if the word «Radio» is the last one in the station name, then most probably (99%) it is a communications outlet, making connections with either seaships or aircrafts. For example, a seaman can make a phone call to his family through such a station.

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