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Ecos del Torbes, Venezuela, 1994

Located at San Cristobal («La ciudad de la cordialidad»), next to Colombian border. I think it was the most powerful Venezuelan SW station. In the 90s was often well heard in Europe on its traditional frequency 4980 kHz.

AWR PanAmerica, Costa Rica, 1998

Rest in peace, AWR Costa Rica! It has been sold to Dr. Gene Scott (who also R.I.P.), and now the prophet's Word is spread on the station's former frequencies. The best of them is 9725 kHz, propagates well in the morning.

Playa Ancha Radio/CBV, Chile, 1997

A Chilean maritime communications station. Playa Ancha (could be literally translated as «Wide Beach») is located not far from Valparaiso, a sea port well-known from Juilles Verne novels.

Radio Telefis Eireann, Ireland, 1999

Medium waves, 567 kHz, 500 kiloWatts — well, it could be received here. But only deep at night, when a powerhouse transmitter in Volgograd, Russia (Radio Rossii + domestic broadcasting) is off.

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