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Rikisutvarpid, Iceland, 1996

A hard-to-catch European station; especially after cancellation of SW relays. It's quite far from us, speaks only Icelandic, and, moreover, emitted in SW through low powered (10 kW) transmitter with partially suppressed carrier. Then, its frequencies were non-standard: this card, for example, is for my reception on 7740 kHz.

Deutsche Welle, Germany, 1997

The station is known to everybody. But this particular card is interesting, because it verifies my reception of Moscow relay of Deutsche Welle in MW (693 kHz).

Radio Sweden, 1993

An easy-to-catch station. The QSL looks very nice, that's why I've put it to my gallery.

Radio Korea, 1993

Nowadays, the station has added the element 'International' to its name.

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