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Radio Singapore International, 1999

Stands in the first ranks of Eastern stations that begin to propagate in the 49 mb early evenings. English is the most understandable of used languages. You can listen to the English Service on 6150 kHz.

Radio Sana'a, Yemen, 1999

In the evening Sana'a can be heard on 9780 kHz, it even has an English hour, but usually suffers from interference. 6135 kHz is a better choice, but this frequency is not regularly used, and only carries Arabic service.

TERACOM, Sweden, 2000

TERACOM is the owner of transmitters used by Radio Sweden. As you see, the organization has its own QSL card. Sometimes, there's a need to change a frequency during a broadcast season, because of interference or bad propagation. Then, TERACOM assigns an additional transmitter on a new frequency, and DXers are asked to compare reception quality on both. Those who take part in such a comparison receive TERACOM's QSL.

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, 1993

Cyprus hosts a BBC relay base. Three days a week, a few shortwave transmitters are offered for Cyprus own broadcasting. The program lasts half-an-hour, entirely in Greek.

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