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Radio Cancao Nova, Brazil, 1996

Brazilian Catholic broadcaster, belongs to Fundacao Joao Pablo II. Sometimes is audible in the evenings on 9675 kHz, with deeply moral programming.

WEWN, USA, 1995

Another Catholic radio voice, this one from the USA. Features Mother Angelica, the founder of the station.

Galei Zahal, Israel, 1995

Broadcasting station of Israeli defense forces, called Galei Zahal. I got this card in 1995, for my report on their MW frequency 1287 kHz. Now you may encounter Galei Zahal on shortwave, too (on 6973 kHz, for instance).

JNA, Japan, 1996

One of my best utility radio QSLs, received from Japan Maritime Safety Agency, JNA station. 8571 kHz, 5 kW of power. JNA has left the air, as well as many other maritime stations, paving the way for modern ways of radiocommunications.

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