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Radio Finland, 1998

For a long time, radio listeners' society thought that it's impossible to get a QSL from Finland. But now everyone knows that reports must be addressed to Pori, radio broadcasting center. Well, this is out of question at present, because Radio Finland stopped its broadcasts in 2007.

Radio Norway International, 1997

A QSL series featuring Norwegian craftsmen. You see Nils Ellingsgaard, a rosepainter, here at work with a richy-ornamented clock. But it is all in the past RNI is out of money, and does not QSL anymore. Remember Sunday English blocks at RNI? No more of them, either. No English, no Norwegian station was completely closed on 31 December 2003.

Radio Tanzania, 1999

This main Tanzanian station uses 5050 kHz, but sometimes leaves the air for undefined time. On the card, you see African continent, Tanzania in its eastern part, and the main sign of the country, Mount Kilimanjaro. Radio Tanzania transmits with 10 kW power.

FEBA, Seychelles, 1994

This country might be considered as an exotic one, but during the long time it was represented on the air by a powerful religious station FEBA Radio. FEBA stands for Far Eastern Broadcasting Association. You see that organization originates from the Far East, but now its headquarters is located in the UK. Now Seychelles facilities are closed.

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