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KFBS, Saipan (North Marianas), 1995

Well-known religious broadcaster of the Pacific region. Long, long years comes in Russian on 11650 kHz in the daytime, changing to 9465 kHz in the evening. Besides this, it has some programs in the languages of national minorities of Russia.

Radio Netherlands, 1991

Quite an old card, belongs to a series dedicated to 25th anniversary of the European Space Agency (founded in 1964). Photo has been taken from the European Spacelab during its flight in 1985.

Trans World Radio, Swaziland, 1994

Christian radio station, broadcasting in numerous languages spoken in Africa from English/French/Portuguese to the most exotic ones. Ofice and studios in Manzini are on the right, transmitting base (45 km of Manzini) is on the left.

Radio Varna, Bulgaria, 1995

Regional radio station of Bulgaria, operates on MW frequency 981 kHz. During the Sunday night is relayed in SW for seamen. Station was founded in 1934, and this postcard marks its 60th anniversary.

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