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Radio Togo, 1996

A nice card, but why did the postmen spoil it with two bold postmarks? Radio Togo can be heard (very irregularly at present) on 5047 kHz.

Radio Mali, 1996

This card came in approximately a year — but certainly, this is not a world record. Mali still operates on 4835 kHz, you may pick it up in the evenings in French and vernaculars.

Turkish Police Radio, Turkey, 1994

Station used 7370 kHz, transmitting music for policemen on duty. Ceased shortwave broadcasting now.

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, 1994

4915 kHz — 60 meters tropical band, common for many domestic African stations. Try it in the evening. The card has an imprint «Golgen Jubilee 1935-1985». Oh, we can see that a really ample quantity of QSLs had been prepared for this jubilee — they were sent out even in nine years after the date.

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