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Radio Algiers, 1993

If you look at this carpet narrowly, you certainly notice «RTA» in the center. It's curious that the back side of the card does not carry station's name at all, there is only confirmation text written in French. Only dedicated DXers can decipher that abbreviation, which means nothing but Radiodiffusion Television Algerienne.

Radio Thailand, 1994

The card reproduces eight nice samples of Thailand stamps. In the 90s, Radio Thailand started using high-powered Voice of America transmitters installed in the country. This ensures stable reception of the station in Europe and other parts of the world.

Radio Japan, year unknown

Paper string art: sea bream and waves. Unfortunately, Radio Japan did not always issue QSL cards with report details in the past, that's why I don't remember the year in which I got it.

Radio Japan, 1999

This card, contrary to the previous one, does carry technical data from my report (I explicitly asked the station for it). Japan is located far from me, but this card confirms reception of even farther relay — in Montsinery, French Guyana (South America). The card displays another sample of paper string art: picture of crane and turtle.

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