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FEBC, Philippines, 1998

Religious broadcaster from the Philippines, with a slogan «The Sound Alternative». Card issued for my reception of English broadcast on 11995 kHz. The waggon you see here is called «A Filipino Kalesa».

RAI, Italy, 1990

Easy-to-catch station, so this is not a rare QSL. I merely like this painting by Carlo Carra (Estate sul fiume).

Bangladesh Betar, Bangladesh, 2000

Children are crossing bamboo bridge. Long-awaited QSL after some 7 years of regular (once or twice a year) reporting. But unfortunately, it has no fields for reception data — there only is general text such as «thank you for your reception report» and «we hope you will continue to take interest».

Voice of Turkey, 2000

Various Turkish souvenirs. Card confirms reception of Tatar language broadcast.

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