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Sauti Ya Tanzania Zanzibar, Tanzania, 2001

A good example of goodwill besides asking for QSLs, DXers can produce them for stations which have no possibility of making cards themselves. This card was designed and donated to Voice of Tanzania - Zanzibar by Guido Schotmans, Antwerp, Belgium. Station can be heard on 11735 kHz in the afternoon/evening, 1500-2100 UTC.

Süddeutscher Rundfunk, Germany, 1996

20 kW transmitter in Mühlacker, operated on 6030 kHz. But station's name is different now: in 1998 it has been consolidated with another regional station of South Germany Südwestfunk. Now it is called Südwestrundfunk but ceased shortwave a while ago.

Radio Veritas Asia, Philippines, 1992

I can't remember whether Radio Veritas Asia had Russian broadcasts back in 1992. Station does not broadcast in English either, therefore I had to write a report to its transmission in Urdu.

Radio Australia, 2000

In the 80's, reception of Radio Australia was much better, it even had English broadcasts directed to Europe. But now it lost 250 kW transmitters in Darwin, and listening conditions sometimes are quite painful. Nevertheless, there are times of good propagation, when even signals of low-powered transmitters can be heard overseas. This card marks reception on 6080 kHz (Brandon, 10 kW).

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