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Last update — 29 June 2005.

Contest rules

7th Russian DX Contest took place from 18 to 28 Feb 2005. Similarly to the last years' one, it was divided into three parts.

In Part 1 and Part 2 you had to receive radio stations from Russia, former USSR states, and various world regions. Only licensed broadcasting stations were valid — no utilities, no hams, no pirates. Frequency range was from 150 to 30 000 kHz. Each station had to be logged for at least 15 minutes. The longer is distance between your location and the transmitter, the more points it brought you. Your contest log had to contain the following data for each logged station: date, time (UTC), frequency, SINPO and some definitive program details.

Part 3 was a quiz of 20 questions.

You can find complete rules (in PDF format) on the Web here. Contest manager this year was Ildus Ibatullin; many of you know him as a QSL manager of GTRK «Tatarstan». Your questions are welcome to dxc2005 at dxsignal dot info. Printed version of contest rules can be requested at: Russian DX Contest, c/o Ildus Ibatullin, P.O.Box 134, Kazan, 420136, Russia (please enclose 1 IRC/US$ to cover the return postage). And here you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

Each year the Contest is open for everyone, regardless of either nationality or knowledge of Russian language.

Participants and winners

27 people took part in the Contest — that's a bit less than last year.

Numbers of participants by country:

Russia — 16
Ukraine — 5
Austria — 1
Belarus — 1
Germany — 1
Latvia — 1
Lithuania — 1
USA — 1

Main winners are:

  1. Rolands Strautmalis, Druvas, Latvia — 435.3375 points
  2. Magsum Galimov, Bugulma, Russia — 328.9250 points
  3. Alexander Sidorov, Melitopol, Ukraine — 311.6760 points

People who achieved the best results in separate parts:

Part 1a:
   Patrick Robič, Leibnitz, Austria — 46.2 points

Part 1b:
   Rolands Strautmalis, Druvas, Latvia — 102.8 points

Part 1c:
   Rolands Strautmalis, Druvas, Latvia — 92 points

Part 2:
   Alexander Sidorov, Melitopol, Ukraine — 160.4 points

Part 3:
   Dmitry Mezin, Kazan, Russia — 19 correct answers

Find full results in the following couple of PDFs:

Table of scored points
Quiz answers

Distribution of prizes

We had so many prizes, and most participants got something (book, disk, etc.) besides the traditional diploma. The following prizes have been awarded to the main winners:

Rolands Strautmalis:
   WRTH-2005 handbook

Magsum Galimov:
   Receiver Anjan A-1004

Alexander Sidorov:
   Domestic Broadcasting Survey - 7

Find the full list of given prises here.

Credits for info distribution and donation of prizes:

Tina Krasnopolskaja (DW Technical Dept and DX program on Radio Slovakia Int)

Anatoly Klepov (Moscow, Russia, RUS DX bulletin)

Dario Monferini (Italy, Play-DX)

Grove Enterprises

PWBR Editorial Board

Anker Petersen (Denmark, DSWCI club)

Kazan University, CTT Lab

Ary Boender (Netherlands, Numbers and Oddities)

As well as:

St.Petersburg DX Club (primarily Alexey Osipov and Alexander Beryozkin)

Victor Pestrikov (St.Petersburg, Russia)

Sincere thanks to all DX publications where contest rules (or at least a link to them) were published.

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