Mini DX Pedition to Kadyshevo: November 2003     


Last update 23 Nov 2004

Topo map from maptatarstan.narod.ru

On 7 November 2003 me and Alexey Kulinchenko stayed for a while in his summer country house (suburbs of Kazan) in order to listen to some radio. We had my receiver (Sangean ATS 909) and Alexey's antennas (see the list below). Our location was next to Kadyshevo village, not far from Kazan. See the map on the right (click it to enlarge). Map has been taken for non-commercial use from maptatarstan.narod.ru

Terrain conditions: slope going down in north direction.

No electricity in this and nearby cottages in this season of year. We used energy from an accumulator.

- T2FD for 16 mb
- dipole for 19 mb
- triangle for 19 ... 31 mb
- EWE 3 x 7 m (directed to south-west)
- EWE 8 x 8 m (directed to south-east, mainly used for medium wave observations)

All times are UTC. Local time in Kazan is UTC + 3 hours in winter.

The log, sorted by frequency, follows below.

603 1321, talks in Arabic, non-stop songs after 1323. SINPO 33222. First we presumed Iraq, because other possible variants (Tunisia and Egypt) lay more to the west, and it was still daytime there. But we became confused when at 1332 Arabic station faded out, and a French one replaced it on the frequency, playing pop music and sending short announcements between songs. EMWG lists France Info in Lyon; but we don't know whether it has musical programs among its features.

684 1340, broadcast in a Belarussian-sounding language. Obviously it was the NERRS relay in St.Petersburg, but it should not transmit in languages other than Russian on this frequency. Beograd is listed on 684 kHz as well, but language was definitely not Serbian. Alexander Beryozkin wrote then in open_dx that NERRS relay carries China Radio International in Russian at 1340. Maybe badly accented Russian sounded like Belarussian.

711 Radio Rossii, 1350, SINPO 24222. The frequency was previously reported in the observations of Igor Zhurkin, who lives near Moscow. May come from Naryan Mar transmitter.

1053 Radio Menovoy Dvor (Orenburg), 1053, SINPO 45343. Songs; news at 1100. Station slogan and more songs followed.

1107 Xinjiang PBS, 1220, SINPO 44333, in Kazakh. ID "Sintszyannyn khalyk radiostantsiyase", music.

1170 Belarussian Radio, 1050, SINPO 44333, in Belarussian and Russian. Song, talks.

1197 VoIRI, 1222, SINPO 25332, male talks in Farsi.

1197 a station in presumed Kazakh, 1309, talks on Georgia and Shevardnadze, song, the something about Kazakh opposition. SINPO 34322. BBC relay via Kazakhstan, or anything else?

1233 Xinjiang PBS, 1308, SINPO 25232, in Kazakh. Sounded like news. // 1107 kHz.

1242 Voice of Vietnam, 1251, SINPO 22332, in French. At 1252 a Vietnamese song started. Interfered by a station that was playing classical music; at recheck after 1300 it turned to be Ukrainian Radio. Regarding Vietnam, after 1300 it either was in a deep fade-out, or even left the frequency.

1251 1237, Quran reading, talks in Arabic, phone calls. SINPO 33333. WRTH suggests UAE Radio Dubai (too early for Lybian Voice of Africa). We tried to compare the signal with 1476 kHz, but nothing was noted on the latter channel at all.

1260 1st program of Uzbek Radio, 1228, SINPO 33222. Music, then (1230) news in Uzbek.

1287 Radio station Yunost, 1047, two signals with a considerable relative time delay (2...3 sec). The loudest broadcast had SINPO 34333.

1323 CRI, 1303, SINPO 25222, news in Russian. // 7255 kHz.

1341 Kazakh Radio, 1357, song, followed by some Kazakh announcements with people's names (I guess program makers were mentioned). Jingle "Qazak radiosy!" at 1359. Announcement in Russian: the beginning of the 6th time pip corresponds to the top of the hour" (couldn't note what time it was in the KAZ capital). Pips, followed by news.

1359 Radio Tsentr (Donetsk), 1257, SINPO 43433. Interfered by a Chinese-style song. ID at 1300 (15 hours in Donetsk), review of criminal accidents. Everything in Russian. Some time before, at 1211, station was noted witn an even louder signal (45444), playing Ukrainian, Russian and international pops.

1395 Armenian Radio, 1355, SINPO 33333, talks in Armenian. But when we connected earth to the input of our passive antenna matcher (as it helped for some other station), Armenia suddenly lost its strength, and transmitter in Orenburg, Russia, moved to the foreground.

1440 RFI (Moscow relay), 1014, SINPO 45444, female talks in French. It was rather unusual to hear it with such a quality. Distance from Moscow to Kazan is about 800 km.

1593 China National Radio (?), 1352, SINPO 34333, talks in Chinese.

5945 1025 RUS RFI via Irkutsk, Chinese 25222 talks, s/off at 1030

6055 1019 KWT R.Kuwait, Arabic 15321 songs

9325 0809 KRE Voice of Korea, Russian 35333 news

9370 0813 USA WTJC, English 35322 religious talk

9420 0816 GRC Voice of Greece, Greek 24432 talks

9460 0819 TUR Voice of Turkey, Turkish 45343 talks

9470 0828 CHN CNR8, Uighur 52432 ads, songs, QRM HRV; in Kazakh after 0900

9500 0823, a station in Chinese with an obviously religious programming. First I heard an English song with piano accompaniment - pause after each passage with some short Chinese clarification. Talks followed after 0825. Bclnews.it say it's neither KTWR nor KFBS. According to Wolfgang Bueschel's remark, it's FEBC from Philippines.

9570 0803 KOR(?) R.Korea Int.(?), English 24322 news

9810 0936 CHN CNR-2 (?), Chinese 44444

9815 0930 POR R.Portugal, Portuguese 35222 announcements, music

9825 0927 J R.Japan, Japanese 23222 female talk; beamed to Pacific

9830 0925 HRV Hrvatska R., Croatian 44444

9855 0920, a station in Farsi or Dari, SINPO 44444. General political talks. Did not find this freq in schedules of IBB/DW/BBC. Maybe Iran?

9910 0918 GUM KTWR, Chinese 54444 female talk

13640 0701 OMA R.Oman, Arabic 44444 music, news

17735 0912 CHN China Radio Int, Indonesian 54444

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