Mini DX Pedition to Kadyshevo: November 2004     


Last update 23 Nov 2004

Topo map from maptatarstan.narod.ru

On 21 November 2004 me and Alexey Kulinchenko went to Alexey's summer cottage to listen to some DX. There are several antennas permanently deployed there. We used my Sangean ATS 909 for listening. Cottage is located next to Kadyshevo village, not far from Kazan. See the map on the right (click it to enlarge). Map has been taken for non-commercial use from maptatarstan.narod.ru

Terrain conditions: slope going down in north direction.

No electricity in this and nearby cottages in this season of year. We used energy from an accumulator.

- EWE, 6 meters high, 12 meters long.
- triangle optimised for 19 ... 31 mb SW (but it provided better results than EWE did on some frequencies)

- Xinjiang transmitters (China) came with huge signals in both MW and SW.
- Never heard so many stations from the East in 75 mb. Nothing but cracks is usually heard in the city at this time.

All times are UTC. Local time in Kazan is UTC + 3 hours in winter. Local sunset was at 1226 UTC that day.

The log, sorted by frequency, follows below.

558 1334 YLE Finland, 32322, weak and indistinct.

585 1335 Russia, Permskoye oblastnoye radio T7, 54444, regional broadcast.

819 1340 UNID, in Chinese, 24222, male talk and music. Pacific-Asian Log lists Shanxi PBS and CNR1 on this frequency (location of the latter unknown).

882 1343 TWR Sri Lanka, postal address announced at 1343 (Post Office Box - but the number itself has been given in some Indian language), followed by an Indian-style song. ID at 1345 "Redio Vishva Vani..."

972 1348 most likely Voice of Russia in Pashto (via Tajikistan). QRM: Voice of Russia, World Russian Service, with music.

990 1328 India (?), very weak, accompanied by whistle. Indian-style music. According to Pacific-Asian Log, must be AIR Jammu.

1089 1256 China - initially under Russian station (22322 at 1256), but moved to foreground soon. Easy talks and music, time signal at 1300 (five ordinary pips and one high-pitched), male/female announcements, also in English, but indistinct (This is ... ... FM...). What program might it be? Pacific-Asian Log lists four separate Chinese stations on 1089.

1107 1247 Radio Afghanistan, in Pashto. Male talk (...deh musulmunan ... tarikh ...)

1116 1319 a station with jolly talk in unknown West-Asian language. Sounded like a live air conversation. When I returned at 1354, broadcast in Hindi was heard here. During the discussion in open_dx, Vladimir Titarev and Victor Rutkovsky pointed me to Radio Kashmir from Srinagar, India. Program at 1319 might go on the air in Kashmiri language. I never heard this language before.

1197 1305 BBC via relay in Astana, Kazakhstan. 34333. News in Russian, report by Vladimir Kozlovsky.

1206 1252 Mayak, oldies music. Possibly tx in Arkhangelsk oblast.

1242 1307 Japan, Nippon Hoso (JOLF), jolly female talks. 24322.

1242 1315 Voice of Vietnam, broadcast in French. 34222.

1296 1246 US station via Kabul, Afghanistan. We did not wait till its ID. Schedules say it is Radio Ashna, VoA service in Dari. Female voice, traditional AFG music.

1305 1244 Mayak, tx in Serov, Sverdlovskaya oblast, Russia

1323 1310 Grad Petrov (St.Petersburg, Russia), talk in Russian. 34322.

1557 1235 WYFR via Taiwan, religious song, followed by a kind of Very Special English program. Each English word has been read slowly, and considerable pauses have been made between all single words.

1566 1357 HLAZ, too weak and spoiled by India. Sounded like Chinese till 1400, language not identified after 1400.

1575 1401 Well-readable jingles of Radio Asia, UAE: 1575 AM Redio Eishia. 43433. In Malayalam.

1602 1402 Radio Yunost (tx somewhere in the Urals area or in West Siberia???), 35333

3912 1220 in Korean, jamming noted. No ID heard. 6th edition of Domestic Broadcasting Survey says it is Voice of the People (south Korea against PDRK).

3925 1221 Japan, Nikkei BC, // 6055, 24322. Jolly talk in studio (M + M + F)

3930 1222 KBS-1 35322, male talk in Korean.

3950 1213 Xinjiang/China, 44433, in Chinese, male-female talk

3955 1224 Voice of Russia, in Korean, via Vladivostok, female talk, weak.

3960 1216 UNID, possibly KCBS from North Korea, melodic female songs, without announcements

4220 1207 China, Qinghai PBS, 25222, female talk and national music.

4330 1209 Xinjiang/China, Kazakh, 43443, male song, QRM by CW telegraphy.

4830 1150 a very interesting UNID, instrumental music, one piece after another without any announcement, 35333. Not heard during the subsequent checks. Discussing the matter in open_dx, Vladimir Titarev supposed it is the 2nd program of Mongolian Radio.

4980 1148 Xinjiang/China, 45333, Uighur

4990 1149 Indian-style music, 35333. Domestic Broadcasting Survey points to All India Radio from Itanagar.

5030 1147 CNR1, Beijing, 35333, Chinese

5060 1147 Xinjiang/China, 45433, Chinese

5815 1002 World Music Radio (Denmark) 25322 music. Lucky reception low-powered station, daytime signal.

5825 1003 WEWN English 35333 M-F-talk

5910 1012 DW German 35333 M talk, via Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy, Russia

5915 1018 CRI Russian 35333 economic matters - state's aid to enterprises

5920 1020 Voice of Russia in Korean, 43433. Various Russian patriotic songs.

5925 1027 music and talk in Chinese. Listened again at 1057: Chinese talk was there. Solemn music followed at 1100, ID as "Chun Hwa Tee Sheng", twice. According to Domestic Broadcasting Survey, it is China, CNR5, a.k.a. Taiwan 1 program (from continental China to Taiwanese listeners). Daily at 0955-0005 on this frequency. ID: "Zhonghua zhi Sheng". The same data can be also found on Nagoya DXers Circle site.

5930 1029 Radio Rossii via Archangelsk, radio play

5945 0954 Radio France Int, in Chinese, female talk, 35333. Via Irkutsk.

5955 1145 UNID, Eastern song, 45444

6005 0953 DeutschlandRadio, German, classical pieces, 45333

7400 1000 DW German, news 45333, via Irkutsk

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