Mini DX Pedition to Kadyshevo: October 2005     


Last update 25 Oct 2004

Topo map from maptatarstan.narod.ru

On 16 October 2005 me and Alexey Kulinchenko went to Alexey's summer cottage to listen to some DX. There are several antennas permanently deployed there. We used my Sangean ATS 909 for listening. Cottage is located next to Kadyshevo village, not far from Kazan. See the map on the right (click it to enlarge). Map has been taken for non-commercial use from maptatarstan.narod.ru

Terrain conditions: slope going down in north direction.

No electricity in this and nearby cottages in this season of year. We used energy from an accumulator.

- EWE, 8 meters high, 8 meters long. Directed to NE / SW.
- sloped triangle 10 x 10 x 10 m, fed from the upper point. The horizontal side, that is 2 meters above the ground, looks to the south. The antenna is optimised for 31 mb SW, but it provided better results than EWE did on some frequencies.

- More distant MW reception than in similar DXpeditions in the previous years. We heard some stations from Korea and North-East China. Xinjiang transmitters (China) were there as usual, but they did not boom in the band. Generally, MW was more noisy than before.
- We had some interesting American catches in SW: HCJB from Ecuador, RN de Paraguay, Radio Marti...

All times are UTC. Local time in Kazan is UTC + 4 hours in summer. Local sunset was at 1341 UTC that day.

The log, sorted by frequency, follows below.

558 1310 Xinjiang PBS, China, in Uighur, fair signal, 34333.
Audio recording (72 kB)

612 1318 Narodnoye Radio, Moscow, Russia, 24322. Request songs, announcement of phone number and station's address.

639 1302 CNR1, in Chinese, weaker than Radio Rossii transmitter in Omsk. 32432.

657 1251 Pyongyang BC, in Korean. SINPO 33333. Talks. Power is 1500 kW.
Audio recording (88 kB)

675 1436 Turkmen Radio, in Turkmen, female talk.
Audio recording (77 kB)

774 1304 UNID Chinese station; judging from listed powers, that might be Hubei PBS / Satellite Channel (Wuhan city, Hubei province). 34333; another weaker station caused some interference.
Audio recording (126 kB)

909 1428 UNID Chinese station with male talk, 23322. Reference sources suggest several station with 50 kW and higher: CNR6 from Guangzhou, news channel from Tianjin, 1st program of Sichuan...

945 1307 UNID Chinese station, weak, O = 1...2.

963 1318 CRI in Russian, 33333.

972 1318 KBS Liberty 1, South Korea, in Korean, 33433. QRM by co-channel transmitter in Tajikistan and Morse aviation beacon US (in Yelshanka, near Saratov, 970 kHz).
Audio recording (161 kB)

1098 1422 CBS1 (presumed), external service from Taiwan in Chinese. Female talk with awful whistle. At 1430, after a song, woman announcer said: "zhung yang guan bo ten tai, tai wan zhen min...".
Audio recording (100 kB)

1107 1323 two stations: Xinjiang PBS in Kazakh (43443) and Radio Afghanistan (22432). Recorded a good ID of Afghan station when re-checked at 1330.
Audio recording 1 (121 kB)
Audio recording 2, with Afghan ID (113 kB)

1116 1421 two stations. The more clear audio belonged, most likely, to All India Radio from srinagar. The second one was not identified.
Audio recording (49 kB)

1134 1325 UNID Chinese voices (maybe there even were several stations; quite strong, but very fluttering. WRTH suggests 1200 kW tx in Golmud (Qinghai province) with CNR1 program.
Audio recording (126 kB)

1170 1327 Radio Korea Int or Voice of America via Philippines which of the two? Both stations' schedules have Chinese broadcasts at 1300-1400. We heard an English speech insert about trade policy of China, with a delayed Chinese translation.
Audio recording (122 kB)

1188 1418 Deutsche Welle via St.Petersburg, in Russian, talk on cultural matters (La Scala etc.). QRM by Radio Payam, Iran.

1206 1334 Yanbian PBS, China, in Korean, 150 kW. Talks and songs. SINPO 44433 initially, improved to 54444 a bit later. Clear ID "Yanbian Radionyn, FM ... megahertzy ...". Comes from Jilin province in the North-East of China.
Audio recording (142 kB)

1350 1410 Radio Tatras Intl. (via Latvia), song From Sarah with Love. 34333.

1404 1344 UNID Chinese, female talk, 34232.
Audio recording (80 kB)

1422 1405 CRI in Urdu, transmitter in Kashi. Only found in the summer WRTH update.
Audio recording (49 kB)

1476 1347 UNID, song, fade out very soon. Thailand???. And there was another station, with talk in presumed Chinese.
Audio recording (125 kB)

1557 1351 WYFR (relayed via Taiwan), in slow English, 43443, improving. Some Middle-Eastern station (presumed Radio Asia, UAE) spoiled the fun.
Audio recording (94 kB)

1566 1401 All India Radio, female talk in Hindi. There was another station in the background; rather indistinct, but the language sounded as English. It's a puzzle possible solution might be HLAZ from Korea, but it is listed in Chinese at this time. Moreover, HLAZ has no English broadcasts at all.
Audio recording (88 kB)

1593 1357 CNR1, announcements (advertising-like?) by male and female voices. Soon in went under another station from China Xinjiang PBS in Mongolian. ID of the latter was caught at 1400: "Sinjannyn ardyn radio".
Audio recording (241 kB)

5910 1046 Bible Voice, in English, 35333. Religious broadcast. Relayed via Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, 200 kW.
Audio recording (144 kB)

5925 1044 CNR5 (Voice of China), in Chinese, 24322. Transmission is intended for Taiwan listeners.

5930 0741 Radio Rossii (tx in Monchegorsk, near Murmansk), 45333. Hum on frequency. Piano music, American-style songs.

5945 0734 Bible Voice via Juelich, Germany, in English, 25332 (triangle antenna) / 45444 (EWE). End of a religious program, read address in Canada (city name sounded like Canbo).
Audio recording (162 kB)

6010 0748 Belarussian Radio, 24411. Talks and music. WRTH says it's Brest, 5 kW. We were able to hear Belarus on all parallel channels in the 49 mb: 6040 (weak, 14411), 6070 (33433), 6080 (with considerable splash by DRM tx near Munich, 6085 kHz), 6115 and 6190. The latter was subject to co-channel QRM by Deutschlandradio in German.
Audio recording (102 kB)

6020 1029, not identified initially due to weak signal. Talk until 1040, followed by songs. Songs sounded like English-language ones, while language of comments was obviously different. We returned to the frequency at 1108 and the station turned to be Radio Australia (Shepparton, 100 kW). SINPO improved to 34232 by the moment, and language was changed to English. Schedule says that transmission in Tok Pisin is on the air before 1100.
Audio recording 1 (435 kB)
Audio recording 2 (100 kB)
Audio recording 3 (201 kB)

6025 0753 Kossuth Radio, Hungary, in Hungarian, 45444. Talks, advertisements after 0757. Interval signal and clear ID at 0800: "Kossuth Radio, Budapest".
Audio recording (194 kB)

6055 0801 R Slovakia Int, in German, 25222. News ( .. millionen Kron ..).
Audio recording (49 kB)

6060 1245 Chinese station: according to DBS-7, it's The Voice of the Golden Bridge (Life, Travel, and City Service). Comes from Chengdu, Sichuan province. Strangely misses in the ILGRadio database. SINPO 43443; raised to 54433 by 1258, when we tried to note station's ending procedure. But, contrary to WRTH/DBS info, broadcast extended beyond 1300.
Audio recording 1 (130 kB)
Audio recording 2, with ID (194 kB)

6155 0807 Austria; obviously relay of Oesterreich-1. In German, 32432. Suffers from Radio Rossii at both sides 6150 kHz (Perm, very strong), and 6160 kHz (Arkhangelsk, also quite stable signal).

6195 0810 RAI, Italy, in Italian. Station didn't use this frequency before. Replacement of 11800 kHz?
Audio recording (49 kB)

6232 0813 communications in Russian, USB mode, between river ships in the Don basin. No call-signs, addressing exclusively by personal names. Quite informal.

9222 0848 communications in Russian, USB mode. Sounded very mush like a maritime phone patch (a mariner talked with his family) but why outside the maritime band?

9345 0839 Voice of Korea, in Chinese, 25332. Talks.
Audio recording (47 kB)

9430 0853 FEBC, Philippines, in Chinese, 44333. Female talk. Beethoven's Ode to Joy heard as a headpiece at 0900. Talk continued then. According to FEBC schedule, Chinese transmission lasts from 0800 to 1600.
Audio recording (258 kB)

9525 0728 Star Radio (via Ascension to Liberia), in English, 25222. Two men or more talked in studio. Music at 0730.

9650 1102 Voice of Korea, in Japanese, 34433. Start of broadcast after the anthem. Quite a jolly introductory music piece was used!
Audio recording (105 kB)

9655 1132 KNLS, Alaska, in Russian, 43242. ID, postal addresses in Alaska and Russia. Reception was very difficult before 1130, because of splashes from both sides North Korea on 9650, Radio Japan (via the UK) on 9660. The latter signed off at 1130.
Audio recording (236 kB)

9737 0834 Radio Nacional de Paraguay, in Spanish. Weak, 15211. Male talk, ID after a break ("Transmite Radio Nacional de Paraguay").
Audio recording (68 kB)

9745 1049 Voice of Han, Taiwan, in Chinese. Talks and songs. During the re-check at 1058, clear ID was heard: "han shen guan bo ten tai, guan hwa...". SINPO 43443. No co-channel Voice of Russia on this frequency yet, but signal was splashed with strong Radio Japan (9750 kHz). Voice of Han's destination target in the mainland China.
Audio recording 1 (81 kB)
Audio recording 2, with ID (266 kB)

9795 1051 KNLS, Alaska, in English, 43433 (splash from 9790 kHz but I didn't write out the source). Complete English schedule was read by announcer.
Audio recording (237 kB)

9805 0950 Radio Marti, in Spanish. SINPO 25322 initially, but reached 35333 by 1013. Songs (incl. Guantanameira), ID at 1000. Tx in Delano, 250 kW.
Audio recording (321 kB)

9820 1013 Guangxi Foreign BS, China. Audio was not perfect, so I could not even make any conclusions regarding the language myself. Thanks to Mauno Ritola from Finland and Bob Padula from Australia, who pointed out that the language was Vietnamese. Music, announcements. As far as I know, CNR2 does not appear here before 1100.
Audio recording (253 kB)

9910 0938 KTWR, Guam, in Chinese, good signal, 55444. Male talk.

9930 0824 Vo. Islamic Rep. of Iran, 55555. Quran at 0824, followed by interval signal and Dari announcement at 0830. Program prepared in Mashhad studio (.. "markaz-e-Khorasan"..).

9955 0945 communications in Russian, USB mode. At least one of QSO participant lives in Ukraine. Informal talks, mainly on cars (purchase, sale, repair).

9975 0839 Voice of Korea, in Korean, 43343. Female talk. Considerable splash not only by RTBF (9970 kHz), but also by a wide-band signal of time-and frequency station RWM (Moscow, 9996 kHz).
Audio recording (82 kB)

11555 1121 KWHR, Hawaii, in English. Songs and talks on religious matters.
Audio recording (107 kB)

11590 1124 UNID Chinese (presumed Voice of Strait), 43443. Instrumental music. Some announcements at 1130. Too early for jamming against RFA in Tibetan (it must start at 1200).
Audio recording (312 kB)

11690 1138 HCJB, in Spanish for South America, 33433. Talks (very much about Venezuela); advertisements. ID at 11.45 ("Desde Quito, Ecuador, America del Sur, transmite hache-ce-jota-be, la Voz de los Andes"). Splash from 11685 kHz (CNR2?).
Audio recording (374 kB)

11865 1201 Voice of Korea, in Japanese, 44343. ID (...choson-no...), anthem, announcements.

11870 1204 Radio Thailand, in Malay, 43343. Male talk. Splashed from both sidebands North Korea on 11865, Voice of Turkey on 11875.

15335 0726 CVC International, Australia, in English, 25422. Songs and talks.

15725 0904 KHBN, Palau, in Vietnamese, 45343. Talks and religious-style stories. Station is also known as T8BN.
Audio recording (100 kB)

15825 1149 WWCR, USA, in English, 35333. Religious matters.
Audio recording (60 kB)

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