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Crimea 2001
A story about FM reception in Crimea, Ukraine. I spent my holiday time there in August 2001.

Finland 2002
Photos taken at the EDXC 2002 conference in Pori, Finland.

Mini DX-peditions to Kadyshevo:  2003   2004   2005   2007   NEW!!!
MW/SW logs, reported by Dmitry Mezin and Alexey Kulinchenko from a summer cottage in the outskirts of Kazan.

Medium Wave Reception in Kazan
Review of Russian and foreign stations audible here in the MW band.

...DX references...

Non-directional beacons in the territory of the former Soviet Union
These lists were kindly provided by German utility DXer Michael Oexner, editor of the European NDB Handbook. In order to save PDF tables onto your local disk, use the right mouse button. Tables are differently sorted:
by identification,
by frequency,
by country.
There is also a table of decommissioned NDBs.


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